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    What Our
    Clients Say

    Our goal is to help companies compete in worldwide markets by delivering messages and products that speak engagingly to all audiences in their native language and within their cultural context.
    Whether you are delivering your training via a mobile app, cloud based or classroom environment, PTIGlobal provides translation and localization services for all media. We at PTIGlobal take all details into account, such as available technology, individual values, learning styles and the overall impact of the visual presentations. Your materials are not only technically converted, they are culturally converted to seamlessly adapt to your global audiences.
    PTIGlobal offers a range of services to best serve the needs of game publishers and game developers. Our comprehensive service offerings are designed to touch the game development process at every stage. We work with all major platforms as well as MMO’s, casual games and mobile games. Our teams of experts understand what it takes to localize your game.
    Software localization demands total accuracy, specialized cultural knowledge and a high level of organization. At PTIGlobal our localization engineering team is able to evaluate, extract and reintegrate all types of translatable content for all file types. Like other products aimed at foreign markets, software must be skillfully localized to attract and retain buyers. Successful localization yields an idiomatic, native-language translation that retains the product’s functionality at all levels. It means that there are no clues to the end user that your product was developed and written in another country.
    The engineering team at PTIGlobal has more than 15 years of experience with various web development architectures. PTIGlobal engineers will help you plan your localization project to avoid common pitfalls in web content localization. This means you will avoid unexpected costs and set the foundation for web content that can easily be updated in the future.
    The mobile landscape varies widely in each country, resulting in many variables that need to be considered in regards to mobile platform apps. PTIGlobal will work with you to localize your app for international deployment, and determine which platforms (i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, WebApp, Android, etc.) are more widely used within the target country.


    Whether you need on-demand over the phone interpretation, video interpretation or you have a need for simultaneous interpretation at a conference or event, PTIGlobal has the solution you need.

    PTIGlobal has the technology and experience to provide you with a variety of services.
    PTIGlobal offers simultaneous interpretation for meetings, conferences, and events. Simultaneous interpretation means we listen and interpret in real time. Our experienced, native speakers from around the globe make multilingual interactions of all sizes run smoothly. For large events, such as product reveals and conferences, our onsite coordinators expertly manage the details and coordination for you. In all cases, our team ensures successful, multilingual experiences for everyone involved.
    • Access to qualified and accredited interpreters at an affordable rate from any device or land line
    • Access to over 200 + languages including ASL 24/7
    • Gain a better ROI with reduced cost and optimized efficiency
    • Achieve greater customer satisfaction with the use of our innovative technology and real time response
    • User friendly and easy to use
    • Encrypted and secure communication
    • Administrative portal access
    • 99.95% uptime guaranteed
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Instant and high quality communication
    • Shorten interpretation time with more effective communication
    • Eliminate unnecessary exposure of interpreters to patients or clients in sensitive medical or legal environments
    • Ability to rate your interpretation experience

    A partnership with PTIGlobal’s Client-Site Managed Services gives you the opportunity to have outsourced teams at your site. PTIGlobal has provided Client-Site Managed Services teams to clients since 2006. We have a unique and diverse workforce providing Native Level Quality Assurance Testing, QA Leading, Engineering, Technical Writing and other services for our clients.

    PTIGlobal has the knowledge, experience, and proven track record to provide single-source staffing for a number of services.
    PTIGlobal’s Native Level Quality Assurance teams will handle your linguistic Quality Assurance reviews and/or editing tasks for any localized product. Our team Leads work closely with Testers, Engineers, your Project Managers and other stakeholders to plan, organize and execute your multilingual testing requirements. PTIGlobal’s Native Level Quality Assurance service offerings adapt to your specific needs.
    PTIGlobal’s Technical Writers create or revise documentation utilizing the latest industry tools. They research existing materials and collaboratively work with your Engineers and Subject Matter Experts to ensure accuracy on every project.
    PTIGlobal’s Software Developers work closely with your Software Design teams and Producers to take your Web, Mobile or Desktop projects from vision to completion. Our team members have experience utilizing the latest development principles, such as Agile.
    PTIGlobal’s Software Testers and Engineers support your organization by planning and executing projects throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. Our team members will develop, document and execute test cases and procedures according to your design specifications.
    PTIGlobal’s Localization Project Managers, plan, organize and execute multilingual projects, and ensure quality work is delivered and task deadlines are met. They ensure conformance with all documented quality standards, style guides, and your specific checklists for the duration of the project.
    PTIGlobal’s Localization Technical Services / Engineering experts provide consulting and engineering services for your internationalization and localization requirements. They establish localization principles and guidelines, assist with writing functional specifications or requirements documentation, and will analyze and prepare files for translation.


    Teaming up with industry experts, PTIGlobal localizes audio/visual presentations and multimedia applications for all locales in the world. Adapting a cross-media product into multiple languages may require the coordination of many parties, including linguists with marketing and domain expertise, desktop publishing artists, localization engineers, studio engineers, and native-language voice actors. PTIGlobal brings these creative talents together with the best media technologies to ensure that the look and feel of your product is retained in the new languages.
    Whether you require English or a foreign language, we have the voice for your message. We employ some of the most experienced voice and acting talent.
    If you are not sure how to begin a subtitling project, we can help. Our team will help you transcribe and translate your content to produce the final product.
    Our native speaking professionals are pre-auditioned for the quality and authenticity of their voices.
    PTIGlobal’s Sound Studio boasts an impressive production history. Among its many credits, our studio was used to produce audio for one of the largest entertainment companies in the gaming industry. Among many other projects, the studio has also been used to record corporate videos for a leading software developer. We look forward to working with you on your next audio project.

    PTIGlobal's Technical Communications team (TechCom) works with you in the Outsource model and specializes in the various phases of technical content planning, developing, reviewing, and publishing. We can help you on short notice with quick turnaround projects, or work with you to define a total technical content solution for your business. We work closely with our PTIGlobal Localization team to prepare the content in English to ensure efficient and accurate translation into over 100 languages.

    Whether your products are systems, software, boards, or semiconductor products, our content experts work with your product development teams through all phases of product development, delivery, and after-sales content maintenance.

    A major benefit to you of partnering with us is that your subject matter experts can focus more time on their core competencies, which significantly offsets the costs of outsourcing your content roles and tasks to us. We help you to achieve higher quality content sooner in your product development process, which, in many cases, reduces your overall product development time.

    We are experts with a broad range of standard publishing and repository tools on Windows OSs. Typical content types include architecture specifications, design specifications, datasheets, user guides, reference guides, and installation and configuration procedures. We also frequently support pre-sales marketing collateral, application notes, white papers, blogs, web content and more.

    Contact us today so we can create a custom plan to meet your needs.
    We can provide a complete outsource solution for any project. We can also provide just the services you need. For every project, we meet with you to define your goals. Then, our professional resources perform top quality work, working offsite or onsite depending on your needs.

    Another benefit is cost savings. Our resources can reduce the amount of time your engineers or subject matter experts (SMEs) need to spend on publications. This can help reduce your product development cycles and ensure your SMEs are focused on their primary responsibilities instead of content development tasks.

    Lastly, when your content requires localization, our technical writers ensure that all content aligns with localization requirements. Our expertise results in efficient delivery of high quality content at the lowest costs.

    PTIGlobal custom tailors a process to accommodate each business's work environment and practices. Our resources use client-specified authoring, publishing, and repository tools and conform to all client content processes, roles, and tasks. When processes are not in place, our experienced developers can offer suggestions and best practices.

    Our resources are expert level users of most publishing tools, including:
    • MS Office Suite applications—Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    • Adobe applications—FrameMaker, Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
    • Markup language tools—XML and DITA tools
    • Management systems—Content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS)
    • Content repositories and bug trackers—Documentum, SharePoint, Alfresco, HSD, and others.
    PTIGlobal understands that the publishing process can be complex. Our experience has enabled us to develop expert strategies that can help you plan and streamline your publishing processes. We can assist you every step of the way from writing, editing, formatting, reviewing, and publishing.


    PTIGlobal, headquartered near Portland, Oregon, is a leading provider of translation and localization services. For over 35 years PTIGlobal’s goal has been to help global companies compete in worldwide markets by delivering messages and products that speak engagingly to all audiences in their native language and within their cultural context. All services provided by PTIGlobal are designed around one common theme: “Customer Satisfaction.” The team at PTIGlobal features people from all over the globe, with eclectic backgrounds and skills. Together we form one of the largest and most productive translation and localization companies in the industry.