Google Translate is Not the Answer

Google Translate is Not the Answer

Google translate is NOT a reliable source only because it is used and altered by the masses. How many times have you heard you can’t trust wikipedia, because it is not a valid reference? The same goes for Google Translate. Translating texts or emails to get an idea of what is being conveyed is one thing, but relying on it for your business is a recipe for disaster.

Another issue with Google that should make people uneasy is the lack of security. According to their Terms and Conditions they will own the information that has been translated through the tool. Keep in mind the number of companies that require an NDA before even discussing the project. There is no such privacy with Google. If confidential material leaks or is even partially reproduced the company who has used the tool may get into trouble.

Even Google states, “We recommend that you do not allow automated translations to get indexed. Automated translations don’t always make sense and they could potentially be viewed as spam.”

Google translate is a slippery slope. At first blush some people are intrigued by the idea of free translation and Google feels like a safe spot. Not to mention that it is a machine translation which will produce a garbled communication. Most professionals don’t want to risk their jobs by employing such tactics and prefer the idea of leveraging the opinion of professional translators. To protect their reputation large corporations will utilize a professional translation services firm.

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