PTIGlobal Publishes Internationalization Guide

PTIGlobal recently published an Internationalization Guide on best practices when adapting your product for the International market. This Guide is intended to give you an overview of the challenges inherent in the process of internationalization, localization and translation. This Internationalization Guide will help minimize localization cost, or additional development costs for issues detected during localization and translation. Request your copy of the Internationalization Guide today!

PTIGlobal, headquartered near Portland, Oregon, is a leading provider of translation and localization services as well as multilingual audio production. For more than 35 years, PTIGlobal’s goal has been to help global companies compete in worldwide markets by delivering messages and products that speak engagingly to all audiences in their native language and within their cultural context. All services provided by PTIGlobal are designed around one common theme: “Customer Satisfaction.” The team at PTIGlobal features people from all over the globe, with eclectic backgrounds and skills. Together we form one of the largest and most productive audio translation and localization companies in the industry.

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