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About Beat Stauber

Beat (pronounced “BEH-awe-t”) Stauber is a Senior Localization Engineer with over 20 years of experience. He is an expert in all aspects of internationalization and localization on the technical and process side. His strengths include designing localization solutions that focus on up-front internationalization, which facilitates localization and reduces costly rework later in the product life cycle. He has broad experience working with more than 40 languages, of which he speaks several, and has a proven ability to provide internationalization consulting services to software and content development teams. He enjoys authoring papers about internationalization and localization best practices and is passionate about training others on those topics.

Why Internationalization Is Not Optional

  “We’re releasing the software exclusively in English.” “The product is intended for distribution in the United States only.” “Our vendor takes care of the entire localization process.” “Our target audience does not mind that the user interface is in … Continue reading

There Is More than One Chinese

Chinese (Mandarin vs. Cantonese, Traditional vs. Simplified) It seems that there is quite a bit of confusion regarding what exactly “Chinese” means in regards to both the spoken language and the written language. Mandarin and Cantonese are the most widely … Continue reading