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About Tobias Scherf

Tobias (pronounced “Toe-BEE-us”) Scherf has over 17 years of professional experience in the localization industry. He is responsible for all strategic decisions with respect to sales and operations for PTIGlobal as well as the company’s product and service development. He has a background in both Computer Science and Business and has worked as a Procurement Manager in Germany for many years. His entry into localization started in the field of Language Quality Assurance, and he later moved to Engineering and Operations Management. Today, it is not uncommon for him to look at a P&L and the next moment work on a localization solution, or develop an automation script or tool to enhance localization content production and delivery.

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Synopsis The scenario is familiar: a client defines basic methods that work well on small amounts of lower-complexity content. Then, as the content quantity and complexity increase, the methods just don’t scale to meet the growing demands. As the content … Continue reading

PTIGlobal Expands Managed Services Teams

Beaverton, Ore. – PTIGlobal is expanding Managed Services teams into Chandler, Arizona, Santa Clara, California, Folsom, California and Hillsboro, Oregon. The primary service for this expansion will include Technical Writing Services with resources at varying skill levels.